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If you are a long-distance trucker, on the road for weeks at a time, it can be difficult to stay connected and engaged with those you hold near and dear. Below are tips on how to maximize time with family when you are home, and how to leverage modern technology to stay connected and engaged while on the road.

Talk, Text, and Video Chat

Long haul truck drivers, who’ve been driving before the invention of modern day mobile communication, can tell you what an impact it has made on the quality of on the road communication. While you are still sure to drive through some dead zones, where service is minimal at best, take a minute at each rest stop or weigh station to send a quick text to your spouse, kids, or closest friends and family.

When you’re at lunch or done driving for the day, call your loved ones. If they aren’t home, always leave a voice mail.

Video chat as often as you can, including sending your loved ones a video they can play when they want to see you and hear your voice. Also, use video to have your loved ones record the sporting events and extracurricular activities you miss while on the road. Bonus points if you can live stream. You can even utilize video to help your kids with their homework more 🙂

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