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Properly maintained commercial truck tires aren’t just a matter of safety and fuel economy (although that should be enough reason for any owner/operator or fleet manager); it’s a matter of federal regulation. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has a number of regulations for commercial tires. If you are found to be falling short of these regulations, you may face citations or even have your truck placed out of service. To avoid these consequences, it’s important to be thorough when conducting pre-trip tire inspections and to repair tire issues in a timely manner.

Key FMCSA Regulations

The first step is to be familiar with FMCSA regulations on commercial truck tires. The key rules are found in section 393.75. This section states that no motor vehicle should be operated on a tire that:

  • Has ply or belt material exposed through the tread or sidewall
  • Has any tread or…

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